Beginning in 1995 with 10 databases, LSO started subscribing to electronic resources on behalf of the UM System. Today we provide access to over 75 resources. In addition to databases, there are now over 2100 full text journals available to UM faculty, students, and staff.

Additional resources are listed on the MERLIN Gateway.

Electronic resources are available to UM students, faculty, staff, and library users in accordance with the publisher's license terms and conditions. Users have an obligation to read, be aware of, and observe the terms and conditions of use for all electronic resources.

You must:

  • use the resources for personal, educational or research purposes only
  • check the license terms on this website for permitted uses and prohibited uses
  • comply with restrictions on use, copying, reproduction, distributions and alteration

You must not:

  • systematically or programmatically or massively copy any of these resources
  • sell or otherwise make commercial use of the resources