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University of Missouri Library Systems (LSO) supports the University Libraries in their missions to disseminate and preserve cultural heritage, learning, and knowledge by managing electronic resources and repository services.


Acting on the recommendations from the collection development and reference services librarians from each campus, LSO negotiates pricing and license agreements, sets-up trials, and establishes and maintains access to all shared electronic resources. In addition, LSO compiles and analyzes use statistics to assist in the ongoing evaluation of electronic resources. By consolidating purchasing power LSO saves the UM System money and frees funds for individual campus to allocate resources according to their priorities.

Beginning in 1995, 10 databases were licensed by LSO for the UM System. As more resources became available online the acquisitions of electronic resources grew. In 2004, the UM Electronic Resource Initiative received nearly a $1 million award to expand electronic resources especially in the life sciences. Funding from this award came from the President's Innovation Fund with matching money from the four UM campuses. Recommendations for subscriptions to electronic resources are made by librarians of the four UM campuses. To date, there are over 75 electronic resources that are provided to the University of Missouri faculty, students, and staff by LSO.

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MU Libraries, UMKC Libraries, and UMSL Libraries, three campus libraries of the University of Missouri, host several digital libraries.

Maintained by MERLIN Digital Projects Committee, which provides oversight for digital projects for the four campus libraries of the University of Missouri. Technical support is provided by Discovery Garden, Inc., Office of Library Systems, and the Division of Information Technology.

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