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More DevOps

140 days ago

Earlier today, I had a nice chat with my favorite sysadmin, and he pointed me at CoreOS, which is a cool Docker-friendly OS derived from ChromeOS. It looks like a really awesome toy, and I’m very likely going to fire it up on some old hardware I have at home (hoo boy the electric bill…). In the mean time, though, they have a Vagrantfile for just poking around with, I’ll start there. Anyway, long story short, I tweeted a link to CoreOS, and as an experiment stuck in the #DevOps hashtag. And this tweet got favorited by some people, so I started following them, and in doing so I blunder across this tutorial Creating a Docker Image from Your Code Which looks like amazing fun. What a great time to be working in this space!

This response from my friend Helix84, to a question on the DSpace-general mail list, is the single best resource for XMLUI theming for DSpace: if you start out this way you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future. Highly recommended.